How to Delete or Duplicate a Page in Your Pagewheel Product

Deleting (or duplicating) a page in your digital product is quick and easy! First, from the Dashboard click your product…

laptop showing Pagewheel dashboard with arrow and "click on your product"
Duplicating and deleting pages happens in the product builder.

The product builder opens to the Brand Your Awesome Product page. Click the ‘Looks GREAT!! Next’ button to advance through the workflow, continuing past the Title Your Awesome Product page to get to the page editor.

Click on the page in the page selection area so it is highlighted in yellow and the page appears in the editor preview window:

Pagewheel page editor screenshot with arrow pointing to active page icon highlighted in yellow
The page being edited is highlighted in yellow.

You should now see that page in the preview window above. Look in the preview window’s upper right corner for the icons to duplicate or delete a page.

Screenshot of duplicate and delete icons pointed out in the Pagewheel editor
Simply click the icon to duplicate or delete a page!

Pssst…you can duplicate a page as many times as you want! You can choose to duplicate the page before you edit it or after you edit it depending on which better suits your purposes.

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