Create a Social Media Content Plan – Using AI Tools

Creating a content plan that not only works to grow your audience and your traffic but also to help you convert that audience into buyers and FANS who come back, again and again, is often easier said than done. At least before we had AI tools.

AI knows what people are searching for. AI knows what content is related, and depending on the AI engine, it even knows the buying habits of our customers!! So using AI to create a content plan – along with a human – makes MAGIC! You get the benefits of AI, and you get to combine that with your knowledge of your audience and your people. The result is a more comprehensive and cohesive marketing plan, without as much time and effort!

Watch a Social Media Content Plan be made in real-time, step-by-step, using Pagewheel… without prompts, without being an “AI expert” or even an expert on social media!

Why You Need To Create A Social Media Content Plan

A killer social media content plan that aligns with your brand’s vision is just what you need to make sure your brand stays relevant year-round. Consistency is key when it comes to building brand awareness and loyalty. By planning your social media content, you can ensure that your messaging is cohesive and on-brand, which will help to establish a strong and recognizable identity for your brand. Here are three awesome reasons why planning your social media content is a game-changer:

You Can Plan Out Your Topics Strategically

Supercharging your topic planning will help you craft a brilliant story that keeps your audience hooked. With a smart content plan, you get to carefully map out what you’re going to talk about and share. It’s not just random posts; it’s like building a connection with your audience through every single piece of content. Say goodbye to scattered posts and hello to a well-thought-out strategy that makes your brand unforgettable!

Your Holiday Frenzy Meets Evergreen Relevance

One of the key advantages of a social media content plan is the capability to create a harmonious mix of holiday-themed excitement and evergreen content. With a thoughtfully curated plan, you can seamlessly transition between festive posts that capture the spirit of the moment and evergreen content that maintains relevance over time. This dynamic balance ensures your brand remains engaging and relatable throughout the year, resonating with diverse audience interests and occasions.

Efficient Batch Content Creation

Say goodbye to the crazy rush of last-minute content creation. Imagine being a content superhero with the superpower to create lots of posts at once (hello Pagewheel!). A social media content plan plus Pagewheel helps you do just that – letting you whip up multiple awesome posts in one go. Not only does this save you tons of time, but it also frees you up to focus on other important areas for your business.

A well-structured social media content plan offers strategic benefits that extend beyond individual posts, transforming your digital presence into a powerful and cohesive force in the online landscape. It’s time to say goodbye to on-the-fly content generation!

What Should Be Included In A Social Media Content Plan

Let’s dive into everything you need to make your social media content plan epic, with the help of Pagewheel! In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is essential for any business or brand. With the right content plan, you can engage your audience, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. So, let’s explore the key elements of a successful social media content plan and how you can make yours truly epic.

Awesome Content Ideas

Pagewheel will help you comp up with content ideas that will not only capture attention, but craft moments that resonate with your audience. It will show you how to weave a narrative that captivates and connects. Let’s WOW your audience with different pieces of content created by you and Pagewheel. Below is a list of content pieces that will truly skyrocket your reach and engagement on social media platforms!

  • Tweetable Posts: Inspire your audience and shout out your brand’s values in just a few words with tweetable posts! They are like little sparks of inspiration that show off what your brand stands for and makes it unforgettable!
  • Conversation Starters: Growing engagement with your fans is super important. Conversation starters are like friendly nudges to get people talking, sharing ideas and thoughts. It’s like starting a big, awesome conversation party!
  • Share the Love with Images: Shareable images are like treasure maps to find more people just like your current fans. They’re like little pictures that say, “Hey, you! Yes, you’re just like us!”
  • Become the Expert: Show off your super skills and be the go to guide and source of all awesome things in your niche.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek: Sharing behind-the-scenes videos and photos is like inviting your audience into your world and makes your brand more relatable and trustworthy. They get a sneak peek and you get their trust!
  • The Power of Ads: Coordinating your social content with your paid traffic will amplify your message. Ads play a crucial role in expanding your brand’s reach to a wider audience.

All of these amazing things can be created with the help of Pagewheel. So, buckle up and let’s make your social media presence shine like never before!

How To Use PageWheel To Create Your Social Media Content Plan

Wow your customers with a content plan that is relevant for them, no matter what their niche is – AND save yourself the headache and stress of having to create a plan from scratch. How?? Open up Pagewheel. It will do the heavy lifting for you.

Step One:

Tell Pagewheel what your product or program is about, and who you serve and we will create your content pack. Feel free to play around here and come back if your results aren’t perfect and switch up the words you put in this field. Changing even one word, or the order of the words you write, will change the results that you get.

Pagewheel social media calendar instructions 1

Step Two:

Tell Pagewheel’s Copy Packs that you want a “Social Content” pack.

Pagewheel social media calendar instructions 2
Pagewheel social media calendar instructions 2b

Step Three:

Pagewheel’s Copy Packs will generate a Content Calendar for you. Pick the ideas that will resonate with your audience the most. This will help you bring your content plan to life super fast!!!

Pagewheel social media calendar instructions 4

Your copy packs will also give you tips to help you with your content plan.

Step Four:

Now you can select what type of social content you’d like Pagewheel’s Copyshop to create for you. Let’s start with Social Starters.

For this category, Copyshop will generate Social Starters (also known as “Conversation Starters”) for Pages, Profiles and Groups. Download the copy to save it and quickly incorporate into your social media plan.

Step Five:

Grab more content packs by choosing a different content type from the menu.

So many options to choose from!!!

  • Video Scripts
  • Ad Copy
  • Social Starters
  • Posts Per Platform
  • and more!!!

Step Six:

Select the “Post Mixer” and chose from posts that are “Happy and Upbeat”, “Educational and Professional” or “Impactful”.

What’s Next??

After you’ve created your epic social media content plan, it’s time to capture the hearts of your audience with by implementing your content plan and engaging with your audience.

1. Implement Your Social Media Content Plan

Consistency is key when it comes to implementing your content plan. It’s the secret sauce that will keep your audience engaged with your brand. By sticking to your posting schedule, you’re not just sharing content – you’re building a loyal following who can’t wait for your next post!!!

2. The Power of Engagement

Social media isn’t a one-way journey. By fostering discussions and interactions with your audience, you’re not just booting engagement; you’re creating a vibrant community where your audience feels heard and valued.

Remember, your social media content plan is a dynamic tool. It’s not set in stone and flexibility is the key for adapting to the always changing landscape of social media. Regularly revisit and refine your plan to keep it aligned with your brand’s objectives. You can head back into Pagewheel’s Copy Packs anytime to create more social media content anytime!!!

3. Relax. You Got This.

By using the best tools like Pagewheel, you can stop stressing and start enjoying social media without all the drama.

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