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10 Ways that Bloggers Can Increase Revenue, By Next Week.

Whoa. The internet is getting crazy! Being a blogger has always been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but the drops (ahem…plummets) have gotten bigger over the last few months. Historically, we have seen social traffic pendulum with the newer networks shying away from links giving us little hope that the future is a blast of social traffic.

10 ways bloggers can increase income - Pagewheel
Let’s get that income up!

But there was Google! But then Google made some drastic changes in early 2024 that dropped many bloggers top posts rank, traffic or both.

{Hold me}

Wait! There is hope. The truth is that the traffic boom has been great for ad income revenue which relies of payments paid based on 1000s of visitors. What if we could increase the AMOUNT of revenue per visitor? When revenue is increased per visitor, then the fluctuation of traffic doesn’t affect the bottom line as harshly.

How to Increase Blog Revenue Per Visitor

1. Increase pages visited per visitor

I started my blog nearly 20 years ago back when there was no strategy or monetization. I often find that even though I NOW have strategy and monetization I overlook some of the OBVIOUS things like thinking about the readers’ journey. You reader’s journey can be made better by assuming several things about them:

  • They may need additional resource related to your topic like beginner information or more advanced information. Linking a basic and more advanced article on your blog can help your reader “catch up”, “take it to the next level” or both. Also, that is potentially 2 more blog posts that they read and interact with on your site.
  • Think WHY they are on the blog post and direct them to additional articles. For instance, on Kids Activities Blog, if a reader is on
Image of Pagewheel's AI generated content for Viral Hooks and Viral Descriptions with text: use hooks to form clickable links to other content with arrow
Get more clicks on the content you have already written!

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

When linking out to your other content, use click-friendly titles and hooks. Pagewheel’s Copy Packs quickly can generate a list of “viral hooks & descriptions” that is a great guide for not only phrases that can capture your readers’ attention, but also knits together some related subjects to remind you of other content that you might have available for linking.

2. Get the reader on your email list

I know that email sounds so 2010, but it is a really viable source of traffic as well as revenue with relatively little effort. When a reader joins your email list, you can easily get them back on your blog content without worrying about algorithms and SEO. When your readers open your emails regularly, they start becoming part of your community and familiar with your content in a more personal way. You benefit from seeing what your regular readers click on more often which gives you invaluable feedback for upcoming content and products.

Pagewheel process outline for creating a product, making an offer and thank you page, creating social posts drafting emails
Become your own biggest referral source for traffic through email.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

Pagewheel’s super power is launching something quickly that works great as a lead magnet resulting in adding people to your email list. Start with creating something to give away like a checklist, guide, tutorial, recipe…the sky is the limit! Based on what you created to use as your lead magnet, Pagewheel will automatically write an opt-in page, delivery page and the delivery email. You can easily import your Pagewheel list into your email client or connect it with a zap. Oh, and Pagewheel will create the social promotion you need to get the word out!

3. Add affiliate product links to your articles

Affiliate Recommended Items

Adding affiliate links to supply lists and ingredient lists is a good start, but thinking about the other things that you use regularly that you might tell a friend about can elevate your earnings quickly when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you have a favorite glue gun, drill or mixer, add a paragraph (reusable blocks works great for this) to relevant posts about why you PERSONALLY like a specific tool. We are not talking hard sell here, we are talking personal recommendation with the good and the bad.

Affiliate the Results of DIY

For your DIY and craft articles, look for affiliate products that are similar to the results of the project. Add a “if you don’t have time to make this, here is a great one you can buy” option. Think about it, we often have high expectations of what we have time to do and in the end, it is a service to your readers with limited time to be able to just buy it!

Affiliate “More Like This”

I first started a “more like this” affiliate link list on some of my more popular items that seemed to be out of stock a lot. It was disappointing to my readers to get excited about something I mentioned or highlighted only to find out that it was out of stock or discontinued. Because I didn’t want to have to check the links all the time, my solution was to add a list of items I could find that might be similar. And now I add them all the time because sometimes readers prefer the substitutes.

Pagewheel Product Ideas generated by AI with text: physical product ideas and coaching or program ideas
Add some products to your blog.
>How Pagewheel Can Help:

Pagewheel’s Copy Packs generates a list of product ideas just in case you need some help choosing what might be a good fit for certain topics.

3. Add affiliate product posts to your site

Adding a straight affiliate post to my blog was my very first success at monetization…hello, Pajama Jeans! I didn’t know it at the time, but readers are often looking beyond sales pages and listings for actual information about a product. Writing about your experience with a product doesn’t have to be a formal product review. Readers are searching for real, human content about things they see advertised and stand alone post articles do really well with search engines as well as social conversations.

social sales ladder screenshot with words find conversations around a product/topic/niche that leads to sales
Add more affiliate products to your blog in individual blog posts.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

While developed for organic social conversations that convert, Pagewheel’s Copy Packs Social Sales Ladder makes a really good blog post content that could convert as well. In the example pictured above the prompt was for “family friendly sofas”. Highlighting a sofa you love with an affiliate link within an entire article devoted to the sofa could help other families looking for the same, durable couch!

4. Add your own products to your articles

Creating simple extension products that fit with your content is a natural way to deliver your readers value while increasing your income. This may be as simple as a paid meal plan eBook, printable library subscription, DIY guide, niche cookbook…anything that solves a problem for your reader.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

In less than 20 minutes (I will show you how to do it in less than 7 minutes in the video above), you can create your own digital product by using Pagewheel’s digital product makerniche templates, DIY pages, uploading your own pdf’s or a combination of any of the three.

5. Add your own product posts to your site

Just like the affiliate product posts, readers like to hear more about what all is included (including the problem it solves) with your product. Use the article to explain the why behind the product and how your unique expertness lead to the solution they need.

mock up of 90 day planner built by pagewheel
Create your own products to sell.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

Not only can Pagewheel help you create your digital product, your challenge or course, it can help you promote it with assets. For instance, you can grab the mockup images Pagewheel automatically creates when you create a product like the ones above.

6. Create an Expert Mini Class in Your Niche

One of the reasons why your readers come to your blog is because they trust the information that you provide. Take that a step deeper by creating an expert class that they can attend to really dive deep into what you teach. This can look a million different ways from a simple eBook to a live or recorded video with a workbook. Whatever makes sense for your subject matter.

sales page built by pagewheel on a computer screen
Monetize your expert status.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

Pagewheel makes creating a course quick and easy because when you create the corresponding digital product to your course like a workbook, outline, starter guide, it automatically creates your sales page, delivery page, delivery email and corresponding social media posts. I made the example pictured above as a mini-email course. <–Click on the link to see how Pagewheel helped me create the corresponding workbook and how on the delivery page I added a video that walks people through the course. I added just one video, but you can add as many as you want! I made this free so you can see all the steps, but I could have easily set a price on the sales page:

easily add or change a products price in pagewheel
Easily add or change a price for your product allowing you to test what works best.

Oh, and the best thing about adding/changing a price is that it automagically changes all the buttons and references to price on the sales page and corresponding receipt on the delivery page!

7. Set up a quick ask-me opportunity for your readers (paid)

Many of us have coached behind the scenes of our blog for years, but never offered the opportunity to be coached to our readership. I can’t tell you how many times I have mentioned that I do one-on-one coaching and the person I am talking to says, “Oh, I didn’t know you did that!”. That is MY fault! I didn’t get the word out. So whether you are talking through a home renovation project, a meal plan, a craft project, a business opportunity, a mindset or spiritual revelation, SEO advice or anything you come up with, your readers may raise their hands to get VIP advice from you if they have that option.

scheduling link for customers to take action
Give your readers a way to buy time and knowledge from you.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

When you create anything in the Pagewheel digital product maker, you will get a very versatile delivery page. One of the things our customers have been using the delivery page (remember no one lands on the delivery page that didn’t pay or opt-in) for their scheduling link connected to a calendar (I use Koalender). You could set it up so that access to your schedule is paid for in advance on the offer page or attach your calendar to a payment processor for after-the-purchase opportunities.

8. Create a online reader event (paid)

Online events are a great way to get readers together in a VIP kinda way. An online event can look like a thousand different things from a live training, live Q&A, happy hour, sing along, game together, watch party…the ideas are endless. Whether you choose to host one or a series, this connection to readers can’t be overvalued.

join the zoom class on a computer screen with button
Host an event leveraging your community.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

Set up your Pagewheel delivery page with the information about the event. Whether it is a zoom for an online demonstration, class or chat or an IRL ticket (gasp), you can use the delivery page to instruct your customer what the next step might be.

9. Create a Paid Level of Access/Content/Services

A subscription model websites was something that many of us rolled our eyes at starting about 5 years ago when we thought…why would anyone pay for that? Well, if only we had listened 5 years ago! But it is not too late. In fact, people are getting more and more accustomed to paid content models from Substack to Netflix, we are all acquiring micro-payments that solve certain problems and entertain us in new ways. Here are some ideas for paid content that work for bloggers:

  • Subscription social media like IG & FB content
  • Paid ad removal on blog posts
  • Paid community — Locals, etc.
  • Bonus content
  • Increased access events
  • Meal plans, printables library, continued education…
  • Paid email list – ConvertKit
Pagewheel's dashboard "My Product Library"
Regularly rolling out new products to your VIPs gives them a reason to stay.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

Turn your favorite blog posts, conversations and problem solvers into digital products with Pagewheel and include these value added products inside your membership or paid email list. Showering your VIPs with free stuff is always a good idea!

10. Email, promo on social & write about your buying opportunities often

Remember they can’t buy from you if they don’t know that you are selling it. You have built up a huge amount of like, know, trust within your readership. If what you are selling is a good fit for them, who else would they buy from?

Add promotion of all the things to your editorial calendar so that you are adding information regularly across all your channels. Vary the language and imagery around your offers so that you don’t feel like you are repeating yourself over and over. But repeat yourself over and over!

2 week launch plan lays out 2 tasks a day for successful product promo
Try these action items to get out the word.

>How Pagewheel Can Help:

Use Pagewheel’s Copy Packs to plan out a 2 week launch promotion! Whether you are doing a traditional launch or just looking for creative ways to promote your product, the 2 week launch calendar is a great place to be inspired.

The internet world may be evolving at a faster speed than we desire and in a direction that is unknown, but by creating more income per person we can overcome decreases in traffic in a way that is scalable through more changes…

…because we know they are coming!

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