How Do Refunds to MY Customers Work?

I am just starting to sell through Pagewheel, how do refunds back to my customers work?

Here is a recent question about setting up sales through your Pagewheel account:

I am getting ready to start selling my first product and would like an explanation on how refunds work. Is this something I do, or is it on your side? If it is on your side, is there a 90-day refund policy or something?

Also, could you explain how customer service works? If someone has questions do they come to me, or do they go through you? How does this work?

Y’all have the best questions! Here is our answer…

When you sell through your Pagewheel sales page, you are linking your personal/business stripe account directly.

We don’t even take a cut at all.

The reason we do that is that you are able to set and manage all your own finances between yourself and your customer.

You get to set the refund policy and time because you are in complete control of the purchases, money and refunds through your stripe account.

If you want to change the default FAQs on your sales page to reflect YOUR policies, you can do that on the website editor tab.

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