How Pagewheel Makes Pinterest Easier for Entrepreneurs

When I first heard about a new social media network called Pinterest, I literally said, “I can’t do another platform!” But then I started seeing significant traffic coming from Pinterest and realized that I needed to be on yet ANOTHER social network!

Even though I went to Pinterest kicking and screaming, in the end it has been a consistently good way to build my business — whether that is blog traffic or selling online. And the good news is that some of the the things about Pinterest that are different than the other networks make it easier for businesses to use and see a high ROI.

Let’s start at the very beginning of what makes Pinterest different and the same and then dive into not only how Pinterest can help grow your online community, but how Pagewheel copy packs can make that happen easily!

Pagewheel Pinterest Hacks

1. Use Pagewheel to Choose SEO-friendly Board Titles & Descriptions

Pinterest is one of the internet’s largest search engines! People often go straight to Pinterest to search certain topics/products.

If you are looking for SEO help when it comes to naming boards and writing board descriptions, head over to Pagewheel’s copy packs for blogs and websites and choose the “SEO Keywords & Strategy” pack:

2. Pagewheel Can Help Fill-in-the-Blanks for Pins!

Ack! Staring at a blank pin form can be overwhelming. I love how Pagewheel’s copy packs are perfect for helping me find an idea, write the content or just help me hone in on the perfect clickable title:

3. Pagewheel Can Assist in Finding More Ways to Promote the Same Piece of Content

If you get one thing out of the Pinterest for entrepreneur training, I hope that it is one piece of content can be promoted (pinned) a million different ways. That can feel a little daunting at first because generally you created that original content with one or two reasons in mind. But if you can stand back and with perspective evaluate your options, then suddenly unlimited ideas are possible.

Pagewheel can help you brainstorm that process. From social calendars to content pizazz makers, Pagewheel can expand one idea into many with the help of AI. Yay!

Go forth and pin with confidence. Your experience on Pinterest will help you get better and better at knowing what Pinterest likes and doesn’t like from YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

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