The Pagewheel Media Kit

Welcome!! If you are here, it probably means that you are looking for a guest for your podcast, for us to speak at your virtual or in-person event, or maybe you want to include a value-packed training into your membership or program. We are grateful that you are here!!

This is our “media kit” to help us help you, wow-the-socks off of your people!!

Meet the Founders

Meet Rachel Miller.
As a proud mom to 6 kids and a collector of businesses, Rachel Miller is a Marketing strategist who supports small businesses in growing their audiences and sales, organically, without ads. Her marketing courses have had over 27,000 students and she regularly keynotes. Her most recent project is building, Pagewheel, cause why should we “learn” how to market our businesses when AI with automations can market your business for you!

Click here for her longer bio options.
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Meet Holly Homer.
Holly Homer accidentally started blogging about 20 years ago and hasn’t stopped.  She runs Kids Activities Blog and is the best-selling author of four books.  Her passion is teaching and coaching what she has learned along the way.  She co-founded which solved one of her biggest issues…why is selling online so complicated?  Holly lives in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas with her husband, three boys and a dog named Panda.

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We LOVE Podcasts and Teaching Classes INSIDE Your Programs

In-Person Events:

Traffic & Conversion
Funnel Hacker Live
Social Media Marketing World
The Commitment Summit
Emerging Tech Conference
Mom 2.0

…and dozens of masterminds or smaller events.

Virtual Events:

Kajabi University
Digital Marketer
Clickfunnels Challenge
Mastermind: Dean Graziozi & Tony Robbins

Media that Has Featured Us:

Good Morning America (live)
The Today Show
Wallstreet Journal
Washington Post
…and many, many more!

Possible Topic Ideas if You Want Us to Speak:

Want lists of possible questions to ask us?? Open each of the above to see our suggested questions or click here to see a sample of what our slide-decks look like. At this time, only the topics with *** have slide decks available.

We are also able to provide bonuses on request to your audiences as a gift to them for being one of your subscribers. Here is a sample of what the bonuses might look like (it’s a class access) or a pack from inside of Pagewheel.

If neither of the above fit your audience, please ask in advance and we will create a more customized bonus for your audience.

What do we want?

Aka Why do we want to speak to your people??

First, we LOVE meeting new and awesome people (YOU!!) and we LOVE seeing people get results or feel encouraged! Heck, growing a business is HARD we know!! So we primarily want to bring value to your audience.

We would also like two incoming links (see below) wherever you post the podcast (ex: in your show notes, or in the bottom of a YouTube description). We are using speaking engagements to help us increase awareness of our software platform

1. A link to our software company,
You can use an affiliate link (PLEASE!! Make our day), and you can earn 30% for any sales!! Become an affiliate partner here.

2. A link to an article on our blog – take your pick of one of these:
11 Freelancer Services that Take Less than 5 Minutes of Work
21 Digital Products That Any Business (in ANY Niche) Can Make AND SELL
How to Create a Digital Product (or Lead Magnet) in an Afternoon

As our thank you!! Here’s our speaker promotion pack!

We want to help you promote the podcast episode or event where you are featuring us!! In addition to us promoting the opportunity over email to our list we have…

1) Get a custom content pack inside of Pagewheel!! Just type the name of the podcast episode into the topic line and select a content pack on us!!

2) Grab the Podcast Canva templates below. We have them pre-populated with our images for you to use, but feel free to edit these any way you deem fit to promote your podcast episodes, even the ones we are not in with you!!

Both of the above are our gifts or thank-you to you for hosting us and trusting us with your audience. We will also strive to promote the podcasts or events that we speak at to our email lists of over 300,000 people. Depending on the audience you may only be mailed to a segment of that audience, all segments will contain more than 50,000 subscribers.

Any questions?? Ask us!

We would love to talk with you about any questions or requests that you have! It is best to reach us over email:

That is also the email to request that we join your episode. In our dream world, we would prefer to NOT do “interview-before-the-podcast” talks as our schedules are a little on the tight side. We are able to appear 15 minutes before any virtual event or speaking engagement. Thanks for your consideration.