Simplifying Your Online Business

Holly had the opportunity to be a guest on The Kingdom Woman Speaker podcast this week and it was great fun to share some of the mistakes made that lead up to a realization that we tend to OVERTHINK everything!

The podcast version of The Kingdom Woman Speaker interview with Holly Homer <–can be found here.

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More About Simplifying with Holly Homer

Tune in to meet Holly Homer, a woman who turned an accidental blogging hobby into a pioneering online venture. Holly, the driving force behind Kids Activities Blog and a bestselling author, shares her insights into the world of online business and her quest to demystify digital selling. Alongside her business partner Rachel Miller, Holly co-founded PageWheel.com, a platform designed to streamline the online selling process for low-ticket items, eliminating the complexity and technical headaches often associated with digital marketing funnels.

Listen in as Holly recounts theĀ  journey through the evolving digital landscape, the challenges, and the innovative solutions they devised to overcome them. Discover how their collaboration led to the creation of a user-friendly platform that leverages AI to simplify content monetization, making it accessible to all. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned online marketer, or someone curious about the intersection of technology and business, this episode offers valuable lessons on embracing simplicity, leveraging your skills, and the power of partnership in navigating the digital world. Join us for a conversation that will inspire you to look at online challenges through a lens of opportunity and innovation.

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