How to Keep Social Media SOCIAL

It seems so obvious when you think about it. Social media is social.

If people were looking for glossy entertainment, they would go to Netflix or the movies. People choose to hang out on social media because they can interact with people and make friends.

Yet, often we find ourselves accidentally contributing to the big pile ‘o SPAM on the internet…not because we ARE spam, but because we act like it by forgetting the connection part of social media.

Your content needs to connect…you know, be SOCIAL.

Somedays that is easier said than done which is why this conversation was so much fun from GoalChat with Debra Eckerling:

You can also find the podcast version which is now live! <–click here

Tips for Keeping Your Social Media Social

  1. Stop thinking about what to post and start thinking about why.
  2. Use tools like Pagewheel’s social media content calendar to brainstorm ideas around how to present the same conversation in different ways.
  3. Think about adding a personal conversation whether that be from your life or a customer’s life.
  4. Realize that people connect over simple things, not because you are perfect.
  5. Try different things! You never know what will resonate with others.

What tips do you have for keeping things social?

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