Using Pinterest for Your Online Business

Pinterest is one of my very favorite social networks. It is funny because it wasn’t always that way! In fact, the first time I found out about Pinterest, I was very much against “another social media network”, but as with many things, I have completely turned around on my opinion!

Pinterest is a significant source of traffic and income to my online business.

I had the pleasure of chatting Pinterest and all things organic content marketing with Katie Tovey-Grindlay on her podcast, Organic Content Marketing. If you have ever wondered about how to use Pinterest or even the beginnings of getting started, check out this episode:

Episode 21 organic content marketing podcast quote from Holly Homer

Tips for Using Pinterest for Your Business

  1. Check out Pagewheel’s Pinterest description writer to make creating pins so much easier.
  2. Think about your content as the target and use your pins to attract all the people who might want to read it from different aspects — your pins are “top of funnel”.
  3. Don’t re-invent the wheel with each pin. If you have pins that are doing well, re-make them with just a few alterations. If you see popular pins, be inspired by their language and look within your brand and purpose.
  4. Create Pinterest boards that arrange your content in different ways helping your Pinterest followers to find exactly what they need.
  5. Pinterest is a long game. Just keep pinning!

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