11 Freelancer Services that Take Less than 5 Minutes of Work

I thought being a freelancer was going to be the answer to my family’s financial “tightness”… little did I know I was about to get in WAY over my head…

With the freedom and flexibility it offers, more and more people are turning to freelance work to further their skills and earn an income. While some freelancers spend hours crafting complex projects for clients, there are also quick and effective services that can be sold with just under 5 minutes of work. In this article, I am going to talk about the pitfalls I faced as a freelancer-turned-agency-owner and share our list of 11 tried-and-true services that freelancers can offer their clients, helping them serve their clients in a bigger way – with less time. It’s what I wish I knew when I was starting out!

I started my business, as a freelancer.

I started my business, like most entrepreneurs – working for someone else. I feel like this is a recurring theme with 99.99% of the people we now coach to help them grow their businesses. When you are starting you don’t know, what you don’t know. And you either learn as you are testing out side hustle after side hustle, or by working as a freelancer or a Virtual Assistant.

My first freelancing jobs were writing blog posts for others, designing and writing “workbooks” (okay, that was generous, they were instruction and warranty booklets that were sold with household appliances). While I am grateful for the opportunities I had as they taught me TONS…

(and this is a BIG BUT)

It was barely profitable. I remember one month I created over 2 dozen blog posts (and all of their social media posts) for a company and earned a whopping $1900 that month… As an hourly rate, that wasn’t even competitive with a job at McDonald’s!!

I excused it to myself as “at least I am working at home with my kids”.

And then they let me go the next month…

The author with her kids, right before she was let go.

Now, I am charging clients $5000 to create similar content packs for them. And booking out content packs months in advance!

What changed?

Two things.

I learned how to create packages
I learned how to automate tasks

These changes meant that now I could create bigger and better packages – with less time!!

Copy of our paypal statement for a thirty-day window for content packages.
Copy of our paypal statement for content packages.

How to Create VA Packages That Sell

How do I create a high-ticket package as a freelancer?? It’s easy!! Mix-and-match the following items together to create your own custom “packages”. If you want to see a sample of what one of my package proposals looks like, here is the one we send to our potential clients (we usually go over that document in a sales call and customize it to each client’s needs).

I LOVE using AI! When you are creating your package, mix items that are easy for you to create with some that are more complicated. By having elements in the package that I can create (partially, yes, I edit and tweak the content) with AI, I can save TONS of time, and create MORE for my client while remaining profitable.

Want to watch me create a client pack using AI? Peak over my shoulder and I will explain our process.

What Should We Include in a Freelancer Package?

1. Email Copy & Sequences

Email Copy is the text in emails that persuade people to take action – as a freelancer you write their emails for them. Sequences are a series of emails sent to build relationships and guide customers – as a freelancer you create a series of emails, all with a specific theme or intention (ex: announce a new product line, or a sale).

Writing one email is good as a freelancer, but the higher pay gigs are when you can create a bigger package or more items for your clients. Offer any client that hires you for another task a one-time “complimentary email” for them. And you can upsell any client that has hired you to draft a single email to write a full sequence!

What should be included in an email sequence? Usually, you want the first email to introduce the customer to the business, and then help them imagine the future. This can be done by explaining what success looks or feels like or by giving a story of a client who had success. After the first email, you want to have a set of follow-up emails. These could include emails that: Answer the most frequently asked questions, Help them get a fast win, Give the client a bonus or a discount, Explain the benefits of the products and programs, etc. Email sequences can be as short as 3 emails long, and as long as 7 or even 21!! Providing Email Copy and sequences is a great way for freelancers to expand their services and make businesses happy!

Want to see the emails that we have created for clients?? Right-click the image to see it in full size and read the whole sequence. Note: These were written using Pagewheel an AI tool.

Pagewheel generates email copy with your client in mind.

2. Social Media Calendars

Businesses can both attract and capture an audience using social media, BUT creating social content is one of the most monotonous and dreaded tasks. That is why ne of the most popular freelancer packages and VA tasks is Social media. A social media content calendar will help individuals and businesses plan and organize their social media posts in advance. They include a calendar layout where you can outline what content you will post on each day or week, along with content copy, images (if appropriate), and links.

By offering social media content calendars as part of your services as a freelancer, you can help your clients streamline their social media marketing efforts. You can create calendars tailored to their specific needs and goals, helping them stay consistent and engaging with their audience.

To create social media content calendars for others, start by understanding your client’s target audience and objectives. Then, brainstorm content ideas that align with their brand and deliver value to their followers. You can create a weekly or monthly calendar using simple tools like Google Sheets or Excel. Add in the content details, including captions, images, and links, to complete the calendar. Make sure to provide your clients with guidance and encouragement on how to execute the plans effectively.

Here is a 7 day social posting idea schedule for Facebook created by Pagewheel.

Pagewheel can generate a week’s worth of posting ideas in seconds.

You can also increase your value by creating different social scheduling idea bundles for different social networks:

Pagewheel generated social media posting ideas for meta, Pinterest, IG and groups shown in side by side collage
Pagewheel let’s you generate a week’s worth of content specific to social network quickly.

By capturing ideas based on what social network they might work best, you are helping clients to vary their message based on where their potential customers might see the content. See the above example of social post ideas created by Pagewheel for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and groups.

3. Video Scripts

As the consumption of video content continues to surge, the demand for video scriptwriters is on the rise. Videos have become a vital tool for businesses to communicate and connect with their target audience. By offering video script writing, you help businesses effectively convey their brand’s essence and message in a captivating manner.

How does this affect you as a freelancer or social media manager?? Now, you can create these for your customers and clients using AI!

For social media, your clients will want 30-second “Hook” videos as well as 3-minute-long nurture videos to help their audience love them and their products and programs. You can create scripts that will empower the small businesses you serve to create engaging videos that capture attention, boost brand awareness, and drive desired actions (aka, SALES!!). Freelancers who expand their services to include video script writing set themselves apart from the competition. These are often a good idea to pair with social media content, or even sales pages so there is a cohesive message with the brand products and programs.

4. Brand Messaging Packs

As freelancers, we have the opportunity to truly make a difference by writing brand messaging packs for the businesses we serve. Brand messaging packs help bring clarity to a business so their marketing efforts match the users problems. They help the business communicate the solutions they provide

What do we need to do to capture our client’s “brand message”? This brand message pack was created for a crafting client with Pagewheel:

Pagewheel avatar describes best customer attributes along with purpose, esteem, connection security and more
Pagewheel helps you understand your potential customer better.

First, we need to have an understanding of who their perfect person IS, and then we need to know what the recurring themes are that that person faces – the objections that stop them from taking action, believing in themselves or the product enough to purchase!! As freelancers we can do the market research to assist our clients. Marketing research involves gathering information about the target audience and their preferences to help businesses better understand and reach their customers. By understanding what their customers desire, businesses can tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to meet their needs and create more effective advertising campaigns.

And we have a little secret for you… AI can create the marketing research packets that you create to help your clients and customers – in just minutes! We love using AI for market research as the ai engines already know what people are searching for, you can shave HOURS off of your research and now get a solid picture of the “brand voice” and have ideas of what messages will convert for your client – in Minutes!

A second little secret will put additional power in the hands of your clients. Run a Pagewheel “Head & Heart Objections” and “Head & Heart Solutions” for your client to give them insight as to why their customers and potential customers might say YES and the obstacles that they might encounter with a NO. If these are addressed early, they can be overcome!

5. E-commerce Product Descriptions

When customers shop online, they rely heavily on product descriptions to understand the features and benefits of a particular item. Writing compelling and informative product descriptions can greatly enhance a customer’s buying decision, leading to increased sales for the online business.

That’s where you come in! You can create product descriptions that help your clients convert. By understanding your client’s target audience, creating engaging and persuasive descriptions will make their products stand out in a crowded marketplace, ultimately driving more traffic and sales to their online stores.

Pagewheel can help with a mix & match system of product priorities to maximize product title and solution descriptions with search intent in mind:

What I just LOVE about this offering, as a freelancer, is its price tag! Since businesses recognize the importance of effective product descriptions, they are willing to pay higher rates to freelancers like you who can deliver high-quality content that adds value and boosts their sales. Want to earn even more? Bundle your e-commerce package with social media content, or a set of ads so your client and customer get even more value from you!!

6. Ad Copy & Creatives

Having effective and engaging advertisements is crucial for any small business to thrive in a competitive market. By offering your professional services, you can help these owners attract more customers and increase their sales. Well-crafted ad copy can captivate potential customers, compelling them to learn more about the products or services being offered. With your creative skills, you can design eye-catching visuals and persuasive messages that communicate the unique selling points of a small business, helping them stand out from their competitors.

This is where YOU come in!! Many small business owners lack the time, expertise, or creative eye to effectively market their products and services. By offering your services, you fill a gap in the market and provide a valuable solution. You can charge a competitive fee for your work, allowing you to earn a living doing something you enjoy while helping other businesses grow. We’ve done it! You can too!

As far as freelancer packages, this is what we are best known for as a company. We create the creative (images or video clips) and the copy (words or descriptions) that our clients use to drive traffic to their offers. And we package them up in a drive that is organized so they know where everything is, and they have a system that they can follow going forward. We call that “system” the social system. We teach that system here. What our customers love about it is they don’t have to wonder what to say, when, it’s all made, organized and ready for them. They can even pay a premium for us to post for them!

We sell our content packs for between $3500 and $5000 – Here’s where you come in!! Copy us!! You can sell your own packages!!

7. Post Packs for Social Media

When you create batches of social media posts, not only does it save time and effort for your clients as they can approve content in batches, but it also helps YOU be more effective. By creating a batch of posts ahead of time, you, as a freelancer can streamline your workflow and avoid the need to constantly come up with new content on the fly. For clients, having a ready-to-share pack of posts eliminates the stress of brainstorming and crafting posts regularly. It allows them to focus on other important aspects of their business while still maintaining an active and engaging social media presence.

What is the secret to creating TONS of posts for your clients AND staying sane?? Using templates WITH Ai. Here is a link to a couple of templates we have created so you can see what we mean by “Template”. You create a set of “looks” that you will use over and over again to wow your clients and customers. Just edit the colors and fonts. All you need to do is drag and drop your client’s images into the templates. For the copy, go to AI!! We use Pagewheel. It has TONS of social media content posts, and most barely need any editing to be relevant for our clients and customers. The AI tool only costs $27 a month!

8. Affiliate Promotion Funnels

If your clients are anything like mine, they are always looking for ways to maximize their reach and also their profits!! This is one of the easiest ways to increase BOTH, while not increasing the amount of work or costs to deliver the product. The secret is Affiliate or White Label offers. This is when you find the “thing” that the customers of your clients MOST need and then find a way to get a cut of that sale. Does that “thing” have an affiliate program? Do they have a white lable option? An affiliate offer means that you are getting a percentage of the revenues when someone you refer purchases. A white label offer means that they will do the work, and you do the sales.

How do you find and promote affiliate offers? There are 4 steps:
1) Look at what you are already using, what programs, items, classes have made a difference for you! Start there.
2) Think of your audience, what problems are they having? Google “What product is a solution for ____” and see what comes up. Make a list of all the products you can think of.
3) The next step is to find out if the products you listed have affiliate programs. Sign up for them! We have an affiliate program and you can see ours here.
4) Create an affiliate “Offer” – This is where you tease the product in a post on social media or create a bonus and an offer page.

After you have the product list, creating an affiliate promotion funnel is a marketing strategy that aims to convert potential customers into paying customers through a series of steps. The funnel typically starts with the promotion of a product or service using various marketing channels. Interested individuals are then directed toward a landing page or website where they can learn more about the offering and potentially make a purchase. The funnel continues with follow-up communications, such as personalized emails or retargeting ads, to nurture the leads and encourage conversions.

Virtual assistants or freelancers like you can help your clients create affiliate promotion funnels to drive sales and increase revenue. By designing and implementing effective funnels, you can attract targeted traffic, engage potential customers, and increase the chances of conversion.

9. Sales Page Copy & Matching Emails

A sales page is a webpage designed to persuade customers to make a purchase or take a specific action. It involves crafting compelling and persuasive content that highlights the benefits of a product or service, addresses customer pain points, and creates a sense of urgency. As freelancers, you can be the person to draft compelling sales messages and create the sales page copy for your clients and customers. It is easier than ever with AI tools!

Virtual assistants or freelancers should create sales page copy and matching sales emails for clients to help them generate leads, boost sales, and improve their overall marketing strategy. By crafting compelling and persuasive content, they can effectively communicate the value proposition of a product or service, encourage prospects to take action and convert them into paying customers. These sales materials can be used to drive traffic to the sales page, engage with potential customers, and ultimately increase conversions. By leveraging their skills in copywriting and marketing, virtual assistants or freelancers can help clients attract and retain customers, leading to business growth and success.

With AI you can now get drafts of each in mere moments, so you aren’t starting from scratch! We also have a collection of Hooks and Descriptions, so if you want to tweak or change something you have ideas!!

10. Be a Launch Strategist

Create Custom Marketing Task Schedules

Creating marketing promotion plans or task lists for your clients is essential for a couple of key reasons. Firstly, by having a structured plan or organized task list, you can effectively outline the steps needed to achieve your clients’ marketing goals. This helps keep everyone involved on the same page, ensuring clarity, and avoiding any confusion or miscommunication. It also allows you to set realistic timelines, allocate resources properly, and track progress more efficiently. Having a plan or task list helps you maintain a systematic approach toward marketing efforts, ensuring that nothing essential is overlooked.

Secondly, creating marketing promotion plans or task lists improves client satisfaction and enhances the overall effectiveness of your work. By providing your clients with clear plans and detailed task lists, you establish transparency and demonstrate your professionalism. This enables them to see the value in your services and understand the strategies and tactics being implemented. It also helps manage expectations as clients can easily see what is being done and when. Moreover, having a well-organized plan facilitates effective collaboration between you and your clients, allowing for constructive feedback and ensuring that everyone is aligned toward achieving the marketing objectives.

We suggest pairing your offer as a freelancer. If they pay you to create a sales page for them or a set of emails? Wow them by adding a custom launch schedule. If they ask you for ads – awesome! – give them ads!! And then ask them if they would like you to add a 2-week launch plan to help them make the most of their organic traffic too!! These 2 Week launch plans are super easy to create with AI.

11. Create Worksheets & Templates

Clients should hire someone (YOU!) to create worksheets and templates for several reasons. The amount of time it takes to create worksheets is crazy. They are time-intensive to design, research, and write!! What types of clients even WANT worksheets?? Think about all of the times you have gone to a website and seen a pop-up that has told you to get a bonus, a guidebook, a resource of some sort – just give them your email. The worksheet is That Thing. It’s the “gift resource” that a lot of expert-based businesses or businesses that are in a lead generation phase want to collect emails, to teach their audience, to grow their subscriber base.

It is easier than ever to create relevant worksheets for each business or brand. You just tell the AI tool your topic, tell it what type of page you want to create, and hit “generate”. You can then edit the page but it’s initially created for you – using AI!! It’s ready for you to share with your clients – and they can sell them to their customers! Looking for ideas?? Got a client who wants you to create a worksheet or even a workbook for them but they aren’t giving you a lot of guidance? Click over to the “Give Me Product and Program Ideas” section and you can use AI to see what people just like their customers are already buying and consuming – and get ideas!!

Conversation About Increasing Income Through Packaging

How to Use Pagewheel to Save Time

Pagewheel was created by content creators to save time (and money) by putting the power of AI generated ideas into usable templates that empower. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Start by describing your services or the services of your client.
  2. Pick the type of content pack you want to generate:
    • Social content
    • Business branding avatars
    • Website and blog post content (written with SEO in mind)
    • Email marketing content like sequences
    • eCommerce descriptions and titles based on SEO
    • Video scripts
    • and so much more!
  3. Click “take me to my copy” where you can copy and paste or download to use later.

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