21 Digital Products That Any Business (in ANY Niche) Can Make AND SELL

Digital products are the easiest thing to add to your existing business to both grow your list and to grow your customer base. Often we get stuck wondering what digital product we should make or we wonder how a digital product can increase our bottom line. We created this guide of 21 Digital Products to both inspire you of what is possible, to give you ideas of additional products you can make as lead magnets or sell, and help you see how life changing these can be, for both you and your future customers.

The backstory

I had just given birth to my second child, a mere year after my first, and I faced the harsh realization that my life was never going to be the same.  The career path I had envisioned for myself was not possible with two infants.  I resigned from the teaching job I had to become a stay-at-home-mom.  Some people choose this, but for me, it felt forced on me.

Little did I know this – forced home – was going to be the biggest gift I ever could have received!!

I started a blog and it quickly grew and grew and replaced my salary.  Everything was great… or so I thought… I had no clue how risky my circumstance was!  I had a “media company”, but I didn’t have a list, I didn’t have buyers, I didn’t have true control.  My “salary” was at the whim of Google and of the ad networks which could change the terms at any time, leaving my revenue in the dust.

I had traffic and that meant ad revenue, but I didn’t control the cash flow so I didn’t control the business, not really.

I was missing having my own products and my own list.

What is a Digital Product? And Why Did My Business Need One?

I was incredibly vulnerable… and I had no clue the shoe was about to drop… and squash me!

Without going into the gory-business details, in a matter of weeks I lost, revenue, traffic, ad partners, and more.

What saved us?  Pivoting, and quickly.  We created digital products, lead magnets or PDFs, that grew our list.  We created courses and programs that we sold to our list.  We wrote books and more books – so we had the products to sell to our subscribers.  Many of you know me today, because of the impact those companies (Moolah marketing, The Traffic Makers, etc) have had on your life!

I knew my lifestyle, I now had six kids, including one with medical needs, and I needed flexibility and freedom.  I wanted something that I could make one-time and sell again, and again and again.  I needed to leverage my efforts.  I didn’t want a job. 

By creating digital products I didn’t have a boss, I didn’t have a limit on how much I could create, I didn’t have a limit on how much I could sell!  My only limit was figuring out WHAT people wanted. And once I had a list I could sell to, and I had products ready to sell, all I had to do was get the word out – basically, I was able to sell again and again and again.

Now the traffic we gained grew our revenue even if the ad networks cut their payouts or if Google made a change to how we were discovered in searches!  Because I controlled not only the list, but also the customers!

But How?

How did we create Digital products?

Don’t overthink it!! REALLY!!

Part 1: It’s simple really, this is easy as long as you don’t overcomplicate it.  For an online business to create their own digital products you need… a traffic source (ads or social posts), a product, an offer page, a way to accept payments, and a method for delivery (how will they get the product they purchased).  You only need these four things and you’re in business!

4 steps to a funnel when selling your own products
The four steps to creating your own products and selling online.

How did we decide which digital products to create?

Umm… you’re not going to like this answer, we didn’t.

We did not decide which products to create, our audience decided that for us.  What I mean by that is we made any and everything.  Did our folks want checklists?  We made one to test.  They do?  Great!  In what topics?  We made more, and more and more.  Did they want video courses?  How many?  Did they sign up more for webinars or for 5-Day challenges?  We made both.  We did not know what products to create – we merely tested a ton of products with our audience until we found what resonated with them.

Basically, our secret was creating more products! 

We made them all.  And honestly, half of them bombed… and badly… and of the other half, part of them did so-so… while SOME knocked it outta the park!!

We didn’t have a brilliant idea of a thing to create, we failed a lot to find the winning products!

But every rejection meant that we learned something.

And every sale meant that we learned even more!

And before we knew it, we were selling digital products and programs we had made weeks or even months earlier, again and again.  It felt like “the Midas touch” or that we were printing money, when in reality, we had a TON of failed products and programs to find the ones that our people wanted.

Let’s outline which products we made so you can decide which ones you want to create.

If You Have Less Than 15 Minutes… Create One of These:

1. Checklists

Checklists are some of the highest-converting digital products that a business can offer. Utilizing checklists aids businesses in organizing tasks, ensuring nothing is overlooked, and minimizing errors – and your future customers know this!! They actively are looking for ways to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and maintain a high level of quality and professionalism. When you create relevant checklists you help your future buyer trust you as a resource to help them manage projects effectively, save time, and deliver exceptional results consistently.

Checklist made by ai ready to sell
This checklist was made in Pagewheel with AI assist in the matter of seconds.

The secret is that the checklists need to be niched-down and specific. For example: “12 Meal Ideas” will not convert as well as “12 Dinners That Even the Fussiest of Kids Will Enjoy” or “13 Ways to Sell Your Home” will not convert as well as “13 Ways to Stage Your Home for a Fast Sale”.

To create the best checklists, be as specific as possible. We help you create specific checklists using AI in our tool Pagewheel. Inside the Custom Page Builder, select “Checklists” and then think of a problem that your future buyers are having, get specific and AI will help you fill out the details. Your checklists can be made and designed – ready for you to use as a lead magnet to grow your list – in seconds.

2. Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something you give to people who might buy from you, so they will share their contact details with you. Then you can talk to those potential customers more, build trust, and make them want to buy from you. It’s what they call in marketing a “nurturing sequence”. Lead magnets are typically downloadable items, like a PDF, e-books, whitepapers, guides, checklists, templates, or exclusive discounts.

All of the products on this list would qualify as lead magnets IF they are included in a “offer sequence” – a process – that includes landing pages or opt-in forms on a business’s website that then collects the emails, and sends them the gift that they signed up for.

Create Lead Magnets like this, Get The Book Done Guide, made in minutes.

It is easier than ever to create a lead magnet PDF + the offer page + the delivery emails + the ads and social posts that drive traffic, all using Pagewheel. AI will create your sales pages and the whole sequence for you, in just minutes, for any niche. Here is a step-by-step video to show you all the parts needed.

3. Book-A-Call

For your customers, booking a call is an invaluable opportunity to connect directly with an expert and spark meaningful conversations. By scheduling time with a knowledgeable professional, individuals can receive personalized guidance and gain fresh perspectives, unlocking new possibilities and making significant strides towards their goals.

For us as business owners, having a complementary discovery call can be hugely valuable as we are able to decide which of our products or programs are the best fit for them. What makes a call even more impactful is having a set of handouts: 1) Something to attract them to you in the first place – something like an “audit” that you can use to tell your readers they have a gap and need you! 2) Something that you use during the calls to go over with the future customer, to help give your call structure and give them something tangible to leave the call with.

4. Planner or Calendar

Almost EVERY business can make and sell a planner! A planner is a game-changing tool that empowers individuals to take control of their time, tasks, and goals. By using a planner, your customers and clients can cultivate a sense of structure, prioritize their responsibilities, and unlock their full potential each day. AND YOU as the business that provides this digital planner will be seen as the source for increased productivity, fulfillment, and success.

Pagewheel planner made in minutes
This planner was created in Pagewheel in less than 5 minutes with a template.

There are a lot of different types of planners. Year Planners, Month Planners, Week Planners, Day Planners. Pick one or pick all and adapt them to your niche and your business. Hint: When naming your planner, mix the purpose with a result, and give it a time-frame. The more specific the purpose of your planner is, the better you will convert and make more sales. Some popular planners to give you ideas: “Get Ready for Christmas, a 12-Day Advent Plan”, “Couch-to-Marathon 6-Week Running Plan for Beginners”, “Social Media 30-Day Marketing Plan for Small Businesses”.

We offer all of these planner types inside of Pagewheel. If you are stuck and looking for ideas we have live support. Get on the chat and ask for help. We can give you ideas, and our designers can help you literally build your own custom planner in minutes.

5. Templates

A template is a cross between a fill-in-the-blank worksheet and a done-for-you-service. Think of a piece of content, a calculator or a spreadsheet that you are already using, and make it shareable for your future customers. The benefit of a template is that they see your finished product, they want it, and they get a taste of what is possible. Often you are able to upsell the full implementation for your customers and clients from the template.

Examples of things that you can create into templates are Emails, Launch Plans, Social Media Posts, Calendars, Budget Sheets, Slide Decks, Ads, Images, etc. The sky is the limit. If you use it regularly in your life or business, most likely it can be templatized.

scrolling through Pagewheel templates
Pagewheel has over 1k templates grouped in niche packs to make it easy to find and use!

If you are stuck and looking for ideas, we have coaches on standby ready to help! Get on live chat and have someone help you create a relevant template to promote and grow your business.

6. Task Tracker or Habit Maker

What tasks are recurring that as someone who is an “expert,” you now know that those tasks, made a big difference? How about habits that are complete game-changers?? Create a tracker as a resource for the customers and clients that you are attracting to your business. Help your future buyers stay organized, measure progress, and achieve goals efficiently. By recording essential data, a tracker allows businesses to identify patterns, make informed decisions, and optimize performance. With a tracker, businesses can gain valuable insights, track trends, and enhance productivity.

Here are some sample pages of “trackers” that you can easily adapt and use for any business in any niche to grow your email list or customer base.

7. Swipe Files

A swipe file serves as a valuable resource for businesses, gathering impressive examples, ideas, and inspiration from various sources. It provides a curated collection of successful strategies, designs, and marketing materials to generate innovative ideas, spark creativity, and drive excellence. Utilizing a swipe file allows businesses to leverage proven techniques, refine their approach, and stand out in the market.

Want to knock the socks off of your potential customers and clients?? Offer then a resource that is customized to them, before they become a paying customer. Inside of Copyshop you are able to create ads, emails, social content calendars, blog posts, product descriptions, video scripts and MORE. Feel free to take any of the copy that is generated inside of Copyshop and create templates for your audience! You can even just give them the copy that is generated! It is a great way, especially for freelancers, to quickly WOW their future clients and customers.

8. Worksheet

These are literally the easiest resources for a business to create, grow their list, grow their authority, and ultimately to use as a tool to grow their sales!! A worksheet is a helpful tool that allows individuals to practice and apply their knowledge in an interactive manner. Worksheets provide engaging exercises and activities to reinforce learning and boost comprehension.

How do you make a digital worksheet? Ask yourself: What problems do your future customers or clients have, that they already know the answer to, or that they could discover the answer if they had the right guide, asking them the right questions? Organize those questions into worksheets and make them as homework assignments. These resources are AH-MAZING when added to a video training, like a webinar or a masterclass. They help establish you as an authority in your space as your future clients and customers are guided by you.

If you want help making a worksheet, here is a video of how easy you can make worksheets, on any topic, for almost any niche – using AI! We even give you examples of ones that have converted well for us!

OR!! If you want to just import the workbook below so you can have it to edit, sell or use as a lead generator just click here and you can add it to your business.

If You Have an Hour or Two… Create One Of These

9. Tutorial

Offering tutorials helps businesses educate and guide their customers, allowing them to understand how to use products or services effectively. Tutorials simplify complex processes, enhance customer experience, and strengthen brand loyalty. By providing clear step-by-step instructions, businesses can empower their customers, boost satisfaction, and become trusted experts in their field.

The best tutorials often include a mixture of video or audio instructions, along with screenshots or step-by-step pictures where applicable. You can often sell a tutorial, but many businesses instead choose to use them as lead generation tools and include calls-to-action inside the tutorials, inviting the listeners to sign up for their full program.

10. E-Book

Typically text-heavy, an e-book is a digital treasure trove that brings knowledge and entertainment right at individuals’ fingertips. With its accessibility and convenience, it allows individuals to delve into various topics, from educational resources to thrilling stories, immersing themselves in a world of endless possibilities.

The easiest way to create an e-book is to take a transcript from a class you taught, a presentation or a podcast episode. Break it into sections and then “chunks”. Give each big section a “Chapter Title” and each chunk a “Heading”. If you don’t have the content already from something you’ve already taught, then use AI. You can create core pages with AI-tools that you can then edit and put together to create your e-book.

We suggest mixing up the pages that you have in your e-books for best results. Add graphs, images and more to make your books interactive.

Note: You can copy the ebook example below, you can get the pages, edit the templates, make it yours and even use the sales page that we created to match the product. You can sell this ebook!!

11. Favorite Resource Collection

These are the BEST for folks who are doing affiliate marketing. You create a resource with a giant list of everything you use and love. The Blackbook or Resource List is like a treasure trove of secrets and insights, compiled to equip individuals with a wealth of valuable information. Each item on the list is something you’ve vetted and when possible, include extra value (ex: a fast action worksheet telling your audience how to get set up with the tool in your list).

Hint: To make the most from this type of digital product, include products and programs in your resource list that have generous affiliate programs. If you want to check out what an affiliate program should include I taught a class on Affiliate Marketing with Molly Mahoney here.

12. Tripwire

Tripwires are teases or small tastes of your full product or program. You offer them to your customers or clients, usually at a low cost (not free) as a way to get them to be a buyer. The marketing philosophy is that people who buy one thing are more likely to buy additional products from you – a buying lead is more valuable. So creating tripwires are a way to get a small purchase commitment.

Trip wires usually include a sales page, a product, a delivery email and an upsell offer. For example, if you sell online courses, you can offer a mini-course for a very low price. This will get people to sign up for your email list, where you can send them more information and offers for your full courses – turning leads into customers and customers into loyal fans!

If you want to create a trip wire it is SUPER easy using Pagewheel. There are over 500 prepackaged tripwires that anyone can grab, edit and use instantly to create a micro-offer.

13. A Quiz or Assessment

One of the craziest lead generation “tools” out there is a quiz! A quiz is an exciting and engaging way to test one’s knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. Think something like “Discover which Disney Princess Personality You Have” or “Find Your Business’s Horoscope”. A good quiz is both entertaining and uncovers something valuable about yourself. It challenges individuals with questions and puzzles, providing immediate feedback and promoting continuous learning and improvement. To create a quiz it is helpful to put the questions you want to ask your audience in a survey, and then the survey results give them a resource that is relevant to their business.

You can create the quiz with software like Bucket.io or Typeform. AND!! You can use the platform Pagewheel.ai to create the handouts or the results that you give your readers after they’ve answered the quiz.

If You Have an Afternoon to Create…

14. Mini-Course

Did you solve a problem in your own life? Or does your business solve a specific problem? BUT… are there nuances to that problem? Steps? Stages? Exceptions? Create a mini-course as a digital product that you can make and either giveaway (to collect leads) or sell! A mini-course is an incredible opportunity to dive into a specific subject and quickly expand knowledge and skills. It allows individuals to uncover new passions, strengthen existing abilities, and embrace continuous learning with ease.

The best mini-courses out there come with the following ingredients:
Handout + Video Lesson + Offer Page + Delivery System + Ads and Emails to Promote it!!

Want to watch us create a mini-course in minutes?? Here is a fast video tutorial!

15. Guidebook

For your customers, a guidebook is a valuable and informative resource that can attract potential customers who are looking for solutions to their problems or needs. By offering a guidebook for free or at a low cost, a business can capture the contact information of the prospects and add them to their email list.

For YOU, the business owner, a guidebook can also help businesses establish their authority and credibility in their industry or niche. By sharing their knowledge, expertise, and insights, businesses can demonstrate their value and differentiate themselves from their competitors. A guidebook can also help a business build trust and rapport with their prospects, which can lead to more sales in the future.

How do you make a guidebook? Think of the different stages or steps that your customers or clients go through to find success. Create a PDF with pages that outline each of those stages and breaks them down into actionable tasks with tutorials or a step-by-step outline where possible. This will be the “playbook” that your clients and customers can refer to bringing them results. You can create these guidebooks in mere minutes using AI and then edit them so they fit your business, here is a video showing you how.

16. Product & Program Bundle

A bundle is a delightful collection of carefully curated resources – you mix and match products and programs to provide your future customers and/or clients with a complete package of knowledge and tools. We suggest that you mix two different types of products. For example, if you are selling an ebook, mix it with a class, or if you are selling coaching calls, combine them with a playbook for your clients to have to work from and refer to after your call is over. You can even mix physical products or software access!

Hint: If you are an affiliate marketer, meaning you are promoting another person’s products or programs, consider creating a “bonus” that you bundle with their purchase. This helps you stand out as a better option compared to the other promoting partners AND it helps you be more established as an authority with the buyers.

17. Bootcamp or Challenge

Online challenges are just FUN! These are events where you bring people together for a time of focus and accelerated growth. It presents individuals with an immersive learning environment, supported by passionate experts and a vibrant community. Joining a Bootcamp propels individuals towards their goals with unstoppable momentum. Usually, the content is spread out over a window of time. Examples of successful challenges are: Build Your First Funnel in 5 Days, Seven Days to Sugar-Free You, 10 Days to 100 People In Your Audience. The general rule of a challenge is to pick ONE win that you can pretty much guarantee that someone can accomplish if they follow the steps you outline. Break it down into steps and deliver one step in that journey to the win each day.

Hint: You want to create content that incorporates all of the ways people learn. For virtual Bootcamps or Challenges create the following elements: Social Interaction and social media posts (usually in a Facebook group), video lessons (these are best done live for the “energy” of the event), and homework handouts. Create your content plan and the handouts for your challenge in minutes – here is a video explaining how easy it is!

18. Playbook

Differentiate yourself and your business from your competitors with a playbook. These are super valuable resources that guide individuals through strategies, techniques, and best practices in a specific field or activity. It offers step-by-step instructions and inspiration, empowering individuals to perform at their best and achieve their desired goals.

Generally, a playbook has more than 12 pages in it, and sometimes as many as 30 or even 40! To create a playbook you will need to think of the journey your customer or client goes through starting from when they are new to you, new to the solution, up to their first win. What are 3 (or more) steps or stages of that journey?? Create a set of 3-5 pages to help them get results at each of the stages. These pages could be journal pages to help your clients brainstorm, they could be checklists of tasks, it could be a worksheet with an exercise to help them uplevel. Combine the pages together to create a comprehensive playbook.

Hint: Want to charge more for your playbook?? Combine your playbook with either a coaching call or with a video training class. This will allow you to 3X what you would be charging, with little additional work.

19. Framework

Frameworks are just FUN! They are visual models that help your future customers and clients understand the concepts that your program teaches. Typically these frameworks are given to clients in workbooks, video training, and slide presentations. Developing a framework allows businesses to establish a structured approach, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and scalability.

Before you make a framework you should know the number of steps that you are including and the relationship of the steps to each other. Then think of an image that will help the framework “stick” in your client’s mind. There are several examples of framework models that you can adapt and instantly use for your business inside of the Pagewheel Product Builder. We will show you how to create a Framework-Based Digital product here.

With a framework in place, businesses can streamline processes, set clear goals, and foster collaboration among team members. A well-defined framework provides a solid foundation for decision-making, problem-solving, and driving success.

20. Masterclass or Webinar

A masterclass is a way for businesses to teach their audience a lot of things they know well and can help them with. By giving them special lessons and tips, masterclasses help people and businesses get better at what they do, solve problems, and achieve their goals. These learning experiences help them grow personally and professionally and make them do well in their work. Hosting online talks or events about certain topics can get leads who want to learn from the best. Signing up for these events gives contact details, which can be used for more communication.

Hint: One of our members has had tons of success with what she coined “Lunch & Learns”. She creates a handout and an offer page. Folks sign up and instantly get the handout and then on the thank you page she gives them the access link to her “Lunch Meeting” and during the meeting, she talks about the topic in a small group setting with all of her buyers.

21. Printables

Do you like to motivate or encourage your audience? Sometimes you don’t need to solve a problem. Sometimes all you need to do is BE THERE! Printables are delightful tools that enable individuals to bring their creativity to life while promoting productivity and organization. Examples of printables are Morning Mantra Sheets, Coloring Pages, and Origami Pages. Think outside of the box. How can you make your audience smile? On a piece of paper??

Feeling STUCK??

If you want to create more digital products for your audience but you are feeling stuck, either you don’t know how to “do the tech” (like you made this PDF, what DO you do next??) or maybe it’s that you don’t even know what digital products your audience would even want?? We have coaches on standby to help you create your next digital product! We would love to see you be successful!

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