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At the top of your dashboard are two buttons, one says “Create a Product” and the other says “Create a Copy Pack”.

To create an e-book, PDF, lead magnet, etc. you will want to click the “Create a Product” button and then follow the prompts. The Yellow Buttons will save your work as you go. We call those the “Yellow Brick Road”. As you follow those your product is created.

Here is a video for you to watch how a digital product is made start-to-finish. And remember!! Anytime you get stuck reach out for help. A Pagewheel coach is available to help you over live chat from 9-4pm CDT.

We are dedicated to your success. The best and fastest way to get support is through our live chat. You can access the live chat at any time, it is in the lower right-hand corner of the site.

We man the live chat from 9-4 pm CDT every day. You can also email us at hello@pagewheel.com and get responses from our team that way.

HECK YES!! There are several ways you can get ideas.

1) Here!! We have articles with ideas and inspiration to help spark action – we want nothing more than to help you grow your audience and grow your business.

2) Our Facebook Group!! There are THOUSANDS of other businesses just like you who are using Pagewheel to reach their goals. Ask them for feedback! We might be partial, but we think it is one of the most supportive groups on the internet.

3) Live Chat Support. We have coaches available from 9-4pm CDT to help you get results. If you want ideas to help your niche ask a coach for help! Our chat is available in the lower right corner of our sites.

You can easily manage your pagewheel account, by accessing your profile with the person icon in the upper right. Click on it and you can update any of your information, including changing your subscription plan. You can see the benefits of the plan you are on.

And as always, if you have any questions reach out over live chat (the speech bubble in the lower right) we are here for you from 9-4pm CDT.

You can cancel your subscription of Pagewheel at any time, just go to your account, select the subscription plan, and then click cancel. We are sorry to see you go, but truly, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for giving Pagewheel a try! We appreciate you!

You are welcome back at any time, however, we can not guarantee your previous plan or price point. Also, we do not keep the products you create, those will be deleted at the time your account is canceled.

Hot-diggity-dog! You just MADE our day!! Seriously, this means that not only has Pagewheel helped you – but you love it so much that you want to partner with us. Thank you!!

Our default partner plan is 30% affiliate commissions for all referrals sent by you, to Pagewheel. You make that recurring for the life of that customer and as long as Holly or Rachel own the business!!

AND!! We have a unique tracking system that uses a combination of cookies, custom links AND coupon codes – meaning we have LOTS of ways to make sure your affiliates are tracked to you!!

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