How To Save a Page From a Digital Product to Use Again in Another Digital Product

If you want to use a page from one product in another, you can easily do so with the save page tool.

A graphic with “Save a Page From a Digital Product to Use Again in Another Digital Product” text. Underneath is a simple stylized graphic of a save icon.

Accessing the Page Editor

In the third step of the product creation process, you can add and edit extra ‘DIY’ pages to your digital products.

Start by creating a new product or opening an existing one.

Continue to the third step, which is the page editor screen.

On the left, you’ll see the DIY pages of the product displayed.

If no pages appear, it means you haven’t added any DIY pages yet.

For more information, see How to Add a Page to a Digital Product or How to Add a Batch of Pages to a Digital Product.

An annotated screenshot showing the product builder workflow stage and location of the DIY pages pane.
Your product’s DIY pages appear on the left panel

Saving a Page

This page editor screen allows you to add, edit, rearrange, and delete pages. 

On the left, you’ll find the page editor toolkit, which contains various page manipulation tools.

Locate the page you want to use in another product and click the heart icon.

Enter the name you want to give this page.

Click the “Save Page” button to save the page.

An annotated screenshot showing the stages to saving a page.
Click the heart icon then enter the name of your page

Wait a moment, and you should see a “Page saved successfully” notification in the bottom-left corner.

Congratulations, you’ve saved a page! You can now use this in any other of your digital products.

Accessing Saved Pages

Underneath the heart icon, you’ll see a star-folder icon. This displays a list of your saved pages.

Click the star-folder icon to open the “Saved Pages List”. Your saved page should be listed there.

Open another product and use the saved pages list to insert the page.

An annotated screenshot showing how to add a saved page to a product.
Your page in the saved pages list

Removing a Page from Saved Pages

Please note, each user can save up to three pages.

After copying a page to another product, it’s a good idea to delete it from the saved pages list.

In the saved pages list, you’ll see a trash-can icon next to each page. Click this icon to remove the page from the list.

The pages will still remain in your products, unaffected.

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