How To Update Your Personal Information

Should you wish to change your personal information on the Pagewheel app at any point, you can do so in minutes.

It’s quick and easy. Here’s how!

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Updating your personal information on Pagewheel is as easy as 1-2-3!

Changing Personal Information from the Dashboard

You’ll need to be on the dashboard to change your personal information.

At the top right of the screen, you’ll see your avatar. When you set up Pagewheel, you might have already placed an image there; if not, it will be a default image.

Pagewheel page editor icons
Click on your avatar on the top right-hand side of the screen to begin updating your personal information.

Click on that icon, and that will take you to the ‘Account Settings’ page. From there, click the ‘Personal information tab’

Pagewheel page editor icons for personal information.
Select personal information next.

From here, you will see all your personal information (shown in the image below), including:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your email address
  • Your businesses name
  • A text box to change your password
  • A text box to confirm your password
Pagewheel-page-editor-icons for changing personal information including name, surname, email, business name and password.
You can change several aspects of your personal information as well as your password.

Changing Your Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Business Name

To change any of these, click on the appropriate text box. So to change your first name, click on the text box, delete the current information, and add the new information.

Pagewheel-page-editor-icons for chaning your first name.
To change your user information as it appears on Pagewheel, update your first name and last name.

Changing Your Password

To change your password, click on the ‘Change password’ text box. Put in your new password, and then click on the ‘Confirm password’ box to complete the process.

Pagewheel-page-editor-icons for changing your password.
To change your password, enter a new password and repeat it in the ‘Confirm Password’ text box.

Adding or Changing an Avatar

You can add an avatar at any time from the ‘Account Settings’.

Simply click the ‘Drop your profile image or choose image’ button and select a picture you want to use.

We’ve already done so, and if you did too when setting up your account, this button now says ‘Replace’ as shown in the image below.

Pagewheel-page-editor-icons for changing your avatar.
Click the ‘Avatar’ box to add one, or replace the one you currently have.

Saving Your Changes

Finally, all changes will need to be saved, and you can do that by clicking on the ‘Looks Good!’ button.

Pagewheel-page-editor-icons for saving changes.
To save any changes you have made, always remember to click the ‘Looks Good’ button.

And that’s how you can make changes to your account details. If you have any trouble or queries, you can reach out to us by clicking on the help icon at the top-right of your dashboard.

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