Where to Find Customer Contact Information in Pagewheel

Pagewheel automatically collects customer contact information every time a product is downloaded.

You can export this customer contact list and upload it to your own email service.

A graphic with “Where to Find Customer Contact Information” text. Underneath is a simple stylized graphic depicting finding a customer’s information.

Accessing Customer Information

You can access customer information by clicking the list icon in the top bar.

You can also access customer information via the sidebar, just click the envelope icon, or the “Your List” text. 

An annotated screenshot showing how to access the customer list.
Click to access your customer contact list

Your List Screen

You should now see a list of your customers.

This displays all your customer contact details. 

A screenshot of a customer contact list.
The customer contact details list

If you have no customers yet, the list will be empty.

To gain more customers, see How to Grow Your Email List.

Managing Customer Information

Pagewheel offers two ways of dealing with your customer information list.

Download Email List CSV File

You can download your customer information list as a CSV file. 

This allows you to easily upload your customer emails to your email service provider. 

To download the CSV file, click the “Download My List as a CSV” button on the top right. 

An annotated screenshot showing how to download a CSV file of the customer list.
Click download to get the CSV file

Save the CSV file to your computer. 

You then need to upload this CSV file to your email service provider.

Instructions vary depending on your provider. Here are instructions for some of the most common providers:

Note that downloading and uploading CSV files is a manual process. 

This means you need to download and re-upload the CSV file to your email service every time your email list changes. 

Automating with Zapier

Another option is to automatically transfer your customer information to your email service using Zapier.

First, you need to create a Zapier account. You can sign up for free. 

After creating an account, connect it to your Pagewheel account. 

To do this, you need to set up an automation routine known as a ‘Zap’.

Go back to the customer list screen on Pagewheel, then click “Set up Zapier” on the top right.

An annotated screenshot showing how to start setting up automation with Zapier.
Click “Set Up Zapier” to automate email export and import

You should then see the Zap setup screen.

If you’re not already logged in, click the log-in button. This opens a new window for you to enter your Zapier username and password. 

An annotated screenshot showing how to log-in to Zapier.
Click “Log in” to get started with automation

After successfully logging in, the log-in window should close. 

Return to Pagewheel and make a new automation routine by clicking “Create Zap”.

An annotated screenshot showing how to start the process of creating a Zapier automation routine.
Click “Create Zap” to make an automation routine

Follow the instructions to create your Zap.

For more guidance, see the Zaps Quick Start Guide.

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