How to Update Your Profile Image in Pagewheel

You can easily customize your profile image in Pagewheel. This avatar is then shown in the topbar, and used to access account settings.

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Accessing Account Settings

To get to your account settings, click on your avatar in the top right corner. 

If you haven’t uploaded a profile photo yet, your avatar will be a smiley face. 

When you hover over the avatar, you’ll see ‘Account Settings’ pop up.

A mockup of how to access account settings by clicking the avatar icon.
Click the avatar icon in the topbar

Account Settings Screen

Here, you can update various aspects of your account. 

Click on the ‘Personal Information’ section to add your details.

A mockup screenshot of the account settings screen, with arrow to the personal information section.
Click to open the personal information section

The ‘Personal Information’ section will open. It should already show some of your personal details.

For more information, see the Update Your Personal Information Guide.

A mockup screenshot of the personal information section in account settings.
You can write in your personal information details

To add your personal profile picture, look for the image upload box.

Click the ‘Replace’ text to open your file browser. 

A screenshot mockup of how to upload your own profile image.
Click ‘Replace’ to upload your own image

Your file browser will then appear. Choose your desired profile photo and press ‘Open’ or ‘Confirm’. 

Wait for your image to upload, which might take up to a minute. 

Once the upload is complete, you’ll see a ‘Profile image uploaded successfully’ notification in the bottom-left corner. 

Additionally, you’ll notice the avatar image has updated in the top bar.

Click the ‘Looks Good!’ button to confirm your changes. 

A mockup screenshot of how to confirm your personal information changes.
Press ‘Looks Good!’ to confirm your changes

You can then return to the dashboard by clicking the dashboard icon in the sidebar or the Pagewheel logo in the top bar.

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