How to Download a List of Your Customer Contact Information

Pagewheel lets you download a list of your customer information. This can be done manually, or automatically using Zapier. 

A graphic with “Download Your Customer Contact Information” text. Underneath is a simple stylized graphic of a contacts book.

Accessing Customer Contact Information

Your customer contact information is found on the customer list screen.

To view it, click the customer list icon in the topbar.

You can also access customer information from the sidebar, just click the envelope icon, or the “Your List” text. 

An annotated screenshot showing how to access the customer list.
Click to access your customer list

Viewing Contact Information

Your customer contact list should now be displayed. 

This shows all your customer contact details. 

A screenshot of a customer contact list.
Your customer contact details are listed here

If you have no customers yet, the list will be empty.

To get customers, see the Growing Your Email List Guide.

Managing Customer Information

You can either download your customer information list manually, or use automation with Zapier.

Download Email List CSV File

You can download your customer information list as a CSV file. 

This means you can easily upload customer email lists to your email service provider. 

To download the CSV file, click the “Download My List as a CSV” button on the top right. 

An annotated screenshot showing how to download a CSV file of the customer list.
Click download to get your customer detail list

Save this CSV file to your computer. 

You can then upload this CSV file to your email service provider.

Instructions are different depending on the provider. Here are guides for some of the most popular services:

Note that downloading and uploading CSV files is a manual process. 

This means you need to download and re-upload the CSV file to your email service each time your customer information updates. 

Automatic Email Management

Another option is using Zapier to create an automation routine.

This means you can automatically sync your customer contact list between Pagewheel and Zapier. 

For more information, see the Customer Information List Guide.

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