How to Hide a Section on Your Offer or Delivery Page Without Deleting It

You can use the section editor tool to hide a section on your offer or delivery page without deleting it

This allows you to publish your website immediately, even if some sections are unfinished – simply hide those sections until they’re ready.

A graphic with "Hide a Section on your Offer or Delivery Page without deleting it" text. Under there is an eye with a line through it.

Opening the Website Editor

After publishing a digital product, Pagewheel lets you create a promotional website.

Finish and publish your digital product, then click ‘Create My Website to Promote My Product’ to proceed.

You can also edit the website of an existing product.

For more information, see How to Edit an Existing Website

A mockup screenshot of screen shown after publishing a product.
Click the yellow button to create a website

This opens part of your product’s website, known as the ‘Offer Page’. 

A mockup screenshot of the offer page in the website editor.
Edit the offer page of the product’s website

For more guidance, see How to Build an Offer Page.

Using the Section Editor

You can personalize a product’s offer page using several tools.

The section editor is one such tool. It lets you add sections, delete sections, change layouts, customize text, and more.

To open the section editor, click on any block of text.

A mockup of how to open the section editor when editing a product's website.
Click a block of text to open the section editor

The section editor provides tools for modifying your website.

To hide a section, click the eye icon on the far left of the section editor toolbar.

This will hide the section.

For more information, see the Introduction to the Section Editor

A mockup of where to find the hide section button in the section editor toolbar.
Click the eye icon to hide a section

The section will become dimmed, and the eye icon will display a line through it.

To unhide the section, simply click the eye-with-line icon.

A mockup screenshot of what a section looks like after being hidden.
The dimmed website section. Click the eye-with-line icon to unhide

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