How to Delete Sections from Your Offer and Delivery Pages on Pagewheel

You can delete sections from your offer and delivery pages on Pagewheel. These pages are automatically created to promote each of your digital products.

A graphic with "Delete Sections from Your Offer and Delivery Pages" test. Underneath is a trash bin.

Opening the Section Editor

After publishing a digital product, Pagewheel help you to create a promotional website.

Finish and publish your digital product, then click ‘Create My Website to Promote My Product’ to proceed. 

You can also make changes to the website of an existing product.

Fore more information, see How to Edit an Existing Website

A mockup screenshot of screen shown after publishing a product.
After publishing a product, create a website to promote it

This will open the first part of your product’s website, known as the ‘Offer Page’.

For more information, see How to Build an Offer Page.

A mockup screenshot of the website editor.
Editing the offer page of your website

You can customize a product’s offer page using various tools.

One of these tools is the section editor, which allows you to add sections, cycle layouts, customize text, and more.

Click on a block of text to open the section editor.

A mockup of how to open the section editor menu in the website editor.
Click a block of text to open the section editor menu

The section editor is a set of tools for making changes to your website.

To delete a section, look for the trash icon on the far right of the section editor toolset and click it.

A confirmation box will appear before the section is removed.

For more information, see the Introduction to the Section Editor

A mockup of how to delete a section by clicking the trash can icon.
Click the trash icon to remove a section

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