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Product Builder is the perfect tool that will help you design your product from templates or use the ready-made copy that we’ve produced for you. Or you can come up with a subject of your own and use the power of AI to provide you with the necessary copy without needing to be a skilled prompt engineer.

If you are new to Product Builder or want a refresher as to its capabilities, we’ve rounded up all our help posts and put them together in one easy guide where you can find the exact help you may be looking for.

Choose Your Product Type

How to Create a Product with the Page-by-Page Builder

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Pagewheel allows you to create hundreds of different types of digital products in our page builder, and you can be sure we will have something specific to your unique needs.

How to Use Ready-Made Content in Pagewheel to Create Your Digital Product

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Promote your finished product with Pagewheel!

Already have a PDF you’d like to promote with Pagewheel? Here’s how to get started with your ready-made content!

How to Upload a PDF to the Product Builder

You can upload a PDF in the Product Builder on Pagewheel. This allows you to combine your own PDFs with Pagewheel’s offerings or create a website for a PDF product you already have!

Brand Your Awesome Product

How to Brand Your Digital Product

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Add your unique brand to each of your digital products in a simple process that allows you to start selling your offerings as soon as possible.

How to Change the Brand Colors of Your Digital Product

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Changing the brand colors on one of your Pagewheel digital products is easy. Changing things up in the Page Editor can refresh your product, giving it a new lease of life!

How to Change the Text Color in Your Digital Product

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You can change the text color of your digital product in Pagewheel’s product builder.

How to Choose and Change Fonts in Your Digital Product

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With Pagewheel, you can easily choose or update the fonts used in your digital product.

Choose A Title & Cover For Your Awesome Product

How to Edit Your Digital Product Title

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You can edit the title of your digital product in Pagewheel. Simply access the product editor to make the changes.

How to Choose a Cover Design

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Pagewheel makes it simple to choose a cover design for your digital product. You can select from a wide variety of designs.

How to Choose a Product Mockup For Your Offer Page

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Pagewheel makes it easy to choose a product mockup. This is used as part of the marketing materials for your product. 

Building & Editing Your Product

Introduction to the Page Editor in the Product Builder

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The Page Editor in Pagewheel is a tool that you will constantly use. It’s where you will build various digital products for your customers, and it’s a tool that offers so much.

How to Edit Text in a Digital Product

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Should you wish to edit text in a digital product, you can use the Product Builder to do so. Changing your text is a simple process that you can carry out in a matter of minutes.

How to Save a Page from a Digital Product to Use Again in Another Digital Product

Coming Soon!

How to Add a Saved Page to a Digital Product

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Simple steps to add a saved page to a digital product!

If you want to add a save page to your digital product, it’s very simple! Just follow these steps.

How to Duplicate a Page in a Digital Product

Coming Soon!

How to Delete a Page from a Digital Product

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If you need to delete a page from one of your digital products, the process isn’t difficult at all. You can do so from the page editor within Product Builder.

How to Rearrange Pages in a Digital Product

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Should you wish to rearrange the order of the pages in your digital product, you can do so easily enough.

How to add a DIY page to a digital product

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You can easily add a DIY page to any digital product while using Pagewheel. Let’s show you how.

You will need to access the page editor to add a DIY page to a digital product. This is step three in the product builder workflow.

How to Add Ready-Made Content to a Digital Product

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Adding ready-made content to one of your digital products allows you to add suitable content from our batch library to further enhance what you are already offering your clients.

How to Add a PDF to a Digital Product

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If you’d like to add a PDF to a digital product, either from already-made content or from a PDF you may have already uploaded, or even from our AI content tool, the process is simple.

How to Add an Image

Coming Soon!

How to Replace an Image

Coming Soon!

How to Crop an Image

There’s no need to prepare images before uploading to Pagewheel. Cropping an image on Pagewheel is easy.

How to Rotate an Image

With Pagewheel, there’s no need to pre-edit your images before uploading. Rotating an Image on Pagewheel is simple.

How to Publish Your Digital Product

Coming Soon!

How to Edit an Existing Product on Pagewheel

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Pagewheel’s simple user interface means editing an existing product on Pagewheel is quick and efficient.

Offer & Delivery Pages

How to Create a Website For Your Digital Product

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You’ve created a digital product – congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment. The next step is creating a website for it. Follow these easy steps to make it happen!

How to Edit Your Offer & Delivery Page

Coming Soon!

How to Change the Price of Your Digital Product (or Make It a Free Lead Magnet)

Coming Soon!

Introduction to the Section Editor Tab

Pagewheel automatically builds a website to promote each of your digital products. Parts of these websites can be changed using the section editor tool.

How to Add New Sections to Your Offer Page

Coming Soon!

How to Move Sections on Your Offer and Delivery Pages

Coming Soon!

How to Hide the Phone Number Field on the Sign-Up Form

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Pagewheel creates an “Offer Page” to market each of your digital products. By default, this webpage will request visitors’ phone numbers. You can disable this feature if you do not wish to collect phone numbers.

How to Hide a Section on Your Offer or Delivery Page

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You can use the section editor tool to hide a section on your offer or delivery page without deleting it

This allows you to publish your website immediately, even if some sections are unfinished – simply hide those sections until they’re ready.

How to Delete Sections From Your Offer and Delivery Pages

Pagewheel automatically creates a website to promote each of your digital products. You can use the section editor tool to delete unwanted sections

All the Additional Section Options for Your Offer and Delivery Pages

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Pagewheel automatically creates offer and delivery pages to promote each of your digital products. You can further customize these web pages by adding more sections!

Powerful Things You Can Do With the Community Section on the Delivery Page

Coming Soon!

Use Your Delivery Page for a Course or Workshop

Coming Soon!

Meta Data

Introduction to Meta Data

Coming Soon!

How to Edit Your Product’s Website Subdomain

Coming Soon!

How to Add Tracking Pixels

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Pagewheel lets you add tracking pixels to a digital product. These can be used with Meta Pixel or Google Analytics pixels. 

Delivery Email

How to Edit Your Delivery Email

Coming Soon!

Publish & Promote

Saving vs Publishing Your Product and Website

Coming Soon!

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