Navigating the Pagewheel Dashboard

By navigating the Pagewheel dashboard, you can quickly access Pagewheel’s tools and get started growing your audience even faster than before!

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Navigating the Dashboard

After logging in, you’re presented with the Dashboard screen.

The Dashboard screen

Creating Digital Products

Pagewheel lets you easily create digital products.

You can access the product builder by clicking the “Create My Digital Product” box in the bottom left of the dashboard. 

You can also access the product builder via the top bar. Just click “Create a Digital Product”.

Accessing the Product Builder
The product builder screen

For more information, see the Digital Product Guide.

Remember, you can get back to the dashboard from anywhere by clicking the Pagewheel logo. You can also click the dashboard icon in the sidebar. 

Getting back to the dashboard

Accessing Copy Packs

Pagewheel lets you quickly create promotional assets, know as “Copy Packs”.

You can access the copy packs screen by clicking the “Make My Content with AI” box in the bottom right of the dashboard. 

You can also access the copy packs via the top bar. Just click “Get your Copy Packs”.

Accessing the copy packs

Here you’ll find the main page for copy packs.

For more information, see the Copy Packs Guide.

The copy packs screen

Click on the Pagewheel logo in the top bar to go back to the dashboard. 

Email List Management

Pagewheel collects customer emails in a handy list.

Access your email list by clicking “Your List” in the sidebar.

You can also access it via the menu button in the top bar.

Access your email list

This screen shows the emails collected via products created in Pagewheel.

Email list screen

For more information, see the Email List Guide.

Dashboard Metrics

At the top of the dashboard, you’ll notice the goal box.

This shows different metrics related to sales. 

The goal metric box

“Products Sold” gives the number of products sold. 

“Customers” gives the number of unique customers. 

For instance, if you have three different products and one customer has bought all three, “Customers” will show 1, while “Product Sold” will show 3. 

This means your product sold number might differ from your customer number.

Note that your customer number also includes customers who have utilized one of your free products (free lead magnets).

Account Settings

Click the avatar icon in the top bar to access your account settings.

As you hover over the icon, it should say “Account Settings”. 

Access account settings

Here you can update:

Account settings screen

For new users, the avatar icon is blue head profile. If you prefer, you can upload your own image like we did, with a cute smiley face.

To personalize yours, see our Changing Your Personal Avatar Guide.

Personal Information

Click on the “Personal Information” block to add your own information and avatar image. 

Update your personal information

See the Personal Information Guide for more information.

Help Section

Access help via the question mark icon in the top bar, or chat icon in the bottom-right corner.

Get help or contact us

Live help is available from 9am to 4pm Central time.

Messages sent outside office hours will be responded to when office hours resume.

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