How to Cancel Your Pagewheel Subscription

If you’d like to cancel your Pagewheel subscription, the process is quick and easy.

A red hexagonal sign with an X in it.
You can easily cancel your Pagewheel subscription in a few clicks.

Canceling Your Paywheel Membership

Starting from the dashboard, click on your avatar.

How to cancel your subscription 1 Arrow to avatar
Click on your avatar to start the process of canceling your Pagewheel membership.

Now click on the ‘Subscriptions & Plan Details’ menu.

How to cancel your subscription 2 arrow to Subscription and Plan details.
Click the Subscription & Plan Details button.

Click on the ‘Please Cancel My Membership’ button just below the various plan options.

How to cancel your subscription payment plan options.
Click the Cancel My Membership button.

Now click the ‘Please Cancel My Membership’ button. Your membership is now canceled, but you can reactivate it at any time.

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