How to Change the Text Color of Your Digital Product

You can change the text color of your digital product in Pagewheel’s product builder.

A graphic with “Change the Text Color in your Digital Product” text. Underneath is a simple stylized graphic of a color wheel.

Accessing the Page-by-Page Builder

Using the Page-by-Page Product Builder, you can select the text color in the first step of creating your digital product.

For a new product, start by opening the product builder.

An annotated screenshot showing how to access the Page-By-Page Product Builder.
Open the product builder

To edit an existing product, go to the digital product library.

Find the product you want to modify, click the three dots in the upper-right corner, and select the eye icon to open the edit product screen.

For more information, see How to Edit an Existing Product

A screenshot showing what button to click in the product menu to open the product editor.
Click the eye icon to open the product editor

The first stage of the product editor will appear, letting you adjust colors and font styles.

For more information, see the Full Product Builder Guide

Choosing Text and Accent Colors

Pagewheel provides some base color schemes to get you started.

Follow these steps to choose the text colors for your product:

  1. Pick Base Text Color: This is used for most of the text. Options include black, blue, and gray for easy reading
  2. Choose Accent Colors: These add flair to headline text. Choose a pre-made color set, with the first three colors in each set used for text coloring
  3. Preview Changes: The sample page on the right updates to reflect changes

Note: To apply the changes to an existing product’s PDF, you need to publish the product again.

An annotated screenshot showing how to change the text color of a digital product.
Choose the base text color and accent colors

Keep in mind, this sample page is for visual reference only. It will not be included in your final product unless you manually add it.

Create a Custom Color Set

You can also create personalized color sets.

For more information, see How to Make Your Own Custom Color Set.

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