How to Add a PDF to a Digital Product

If you’d like to add a PDF to a digital product, either from already-made content or from a PDF you may have already uploaded, or even from our AI content tool, the process is simple.

A graphic with "Upload a PDF to the Product Builder". Underneath is a PDF file icon and an upload symbol.
You can easily upload a PDF to add to your existing products.

Whichever way you have generated your initial content, you will need to access the page editor to add a DIY page to a digital product. This is step three in the product builder workflow.

To upload a PDF, you need to be in the page editor of Product Builder.

To start, from the page editor, click the ‘Add a PDF’ button on the left-hand side toolbar.

How to add a PDF to a digital product 2 Arrow to add PDF button
Click the ‘Add a PDF’ icon.

This takes you to the PDF upload screen. Here, you can either drag the file you want to upload into the box or click the ‘choose file’ to find it on your computer.

You need to check the two checkboxes as well to confirm that the PDF is your digital product and that you cannot edit it once it is on Pagewheel. It has to be used as is.

How to add a PDF to a digital product 3 Arrow to upload a PDF box
Click the two checkboxes and select the PDF you want to upload or drag it into the upload window.

To upload the file, click the ‘Looks Great!! Next’ button.

How to add a PDF to a digital product 4 Arrow to looks great
Now click the ‘Looks GREAT!!! Next’ button to begin the upload process.

The PDF is now added to your digital product. Note that if you select ‘Grid View’, you will find it as the last page in the digital product.

How to add a PDF to a digital product 5 Arrow to grid view button
Click the ‘Grid View’ icon to see a full-page display of your product. The added PDF will be at the end.

You can move it around to your desired position from the ‘Grid View’.

How to add a PDF to a digital product 6 Arrow to grid view preview
Move the added PDF to the correct page position within your digital product by right-clicking on it and dragging it.

You can delete any pages you don’t want using the toolbar on the left of the page editor, and you can even duplicate them. Remember that you won’t be able to edit any PDF that you have uploaded.

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