How to Edit an Existing Product on Pagewheel

You can easily edit an existing digital product on Pagewheel. Pagewheel’s simple user interface means editing a product is quick and efficient.

A graphic with "Edit and Existing Product text". A page icon with a pencil is underneath.

Accessing Your Product Library

Your digital products are listed on the ‘My Product Library’ screen.

You can access your digital product library via the sidebar. Just click the page-with-heart icon, or the ‘Products’ text. 

A mockup of how to access the digital product screen from the dashboard.
How to access the digital product screen from the dashboard

You can also see your recent products in the dashboard. Just scroll down to see the list. 

A mockup screenshot showing recent digital products at the bottom of the dashboard.
Your recent products are also visible at the bottom of the dashboard

My Product Library Screen

The My Product Library’ screen shows your digital products.

A mockup screenshot of the product library screen.
The product library screen

If you cannot see the product you’re looking for, click the Show Me More’ button.

A mockup screenshot of the product library screen with show-more button in bottom-right corner.
Access all your products through the “Show Me More” button

All your products will then be displayed. You can search your products via the search bar.

A mockup screenshot of the full digital product library.
Your full digital product library is now visible

If your product library is empty, you need to create your first digital product. 

For more information, see the Digital Product Creation Guide.

Editing a Product

In the product library, you’ll notice that each product has three small dots in the top-right corner.

Click these dots to access the product menu.

A mockup of how to open the digital product menu.
Open the menu by clicking the three dots in the corner of the product

You’ll then see a menu of four icons. 

Click the eye icon to open the product editor. 

A mockup of how to open the digital product edit screen.
Click the eye icon to open the edit screen

The product editor screen will then open.

Editing the Product

The Product Editor screen allows you to make changes to your product.

A mockup of the product editor screen, with arrow to the product preview.
The product editor screen, with preview on the right

From here, you can make changes as you see fit. A preview is shown on the right. 

Follow the prompts, and continue by clicking the ‘Looks GREAT!! Next’ buttons.

Return to the Dashboard

At any time, you can get back to the dashboard by clicking the Pagewheel logo. 

You can also click the dashboard icon in the sidebar.

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