How to Create a Product with the Page-by-Page Builder in Pagewheel

You can easily create an engaging product with the Page-by-Page builder in Pagewheel.

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Accessing the Product Builder

You can open the Product Builder from the dashboard. 

Simply click ‘Create a Digital Product’ in the top bar. 

Alternatively, click ‘Take me to the Product Builder’ located in the bottom left of the dashboard. 

A mockup of how to access the product builder from Pagewheel's dashboard.
Click the buttons to open the Product Builder

This will open the ‘Choose Your Product Type’ screen.

There are three options for building your product. 

Choose the third option, ‘Page-By-Page Product Builder’, to open the product builder interface.

A screenshot mockup of how to open the Page-by-Page product builder.
Click ‘Page-By-Page Product Builder’ to get started

The Page-by-Page Builder

Pagewheel’s Page-by-Page Product Builder helps you quickly create engaging digital products.

Let’s go through each screen, one by one:

1st Screen: Branding

The first screen is for branding your product:

  1. Choose Your Base Text Color: This will be the primary color used for the majority of the text
  2. Select Your Accent Colors: These are sets of five colors Choose the set that best represents your brand, or create your own custom accent color set
  3. Pick Your Fonts and Style: Select the fonts and styles that best match your brand

As you make your choices, they’re applied to the sample page on the right, letting you see the outcome. Note that this is just a sample page – it won’t be included in your final product.

When you’ve finished making selections, click the ‘Looks Great!! Next’ button to continue.

A mockup of how to set a product's branding.
Choose text colors, brand colors, and font styles, then click the next button

2nd Screen: Title, Cover, & Mockup

The second product builder screen is for making your product unique.

A mockup screenshot of the second product builder screen.
The second product builder screen

First, input the title and subtitle of your product. 

If you’re having trouble coming up with a title, you can use the AI Title Assistance tool. 

Click the assistance button next to the title box, describe your topic, and quickly receive title suggestions.

For more guidance, see How to Use AI to Create Product Titles.

A mockup of how to a title to a digital product.
Add your title, or use the AI tool

Next, choose the cover background for your product. 

You can choose to have no cover or select a ready made one:

  • No Cover: Tick the ‘No Cover’ box
  • Select a Cover: Browse through the ready-made covers using the left and right arrows. Select a cover that suits the theme of your product
A mockup of how to choose a cover for a digital product.
Choose a cover that suits your product

Finally, you need to select a product mockup. This will appear on your offer page. 

Options include a book, a clipboard, or a tablet. 

After selecting your mockup, click ‘Looks Great!! Next’ button to continue to the next screen. 

A mockup of how to choose a product mockup.
Choose a product mockup

Pick Page Type Screens

The next screens allow you to select custom page types to include in your product.

As it’s always a good idea to include an about-me page, continue by selecting ‘About Me Page to Feature YOU’, then press the ‘Show me Pages!’ button. 

A mockup screenshot of the pick page type screen.
Select the ‘About Me’ page type then continue

Select your preferred layout on the next screen, then press ‘Add Page!’ to continue.  

A mockup screenshot of the layout choices available for the 'About Me' page in the product builder.
Select your preferred layout, then click ‘Add Page!’

The selected page will open in the editor. 

Here, you can add your own photo, edit the text, and customize it as you like. 

If you want to add another page, simply click ‘Add a Page’.

Pages can also be deleted, and rearranged. You can even upload your own PDF pages.

A mockup of the features available in the product builder page editor.
The product builder page editor

Pagewheel also lets you quickly add a collection of pre-made pages to your product, which can be automatically tailored to your niche. 

Click the “Add a Batch” button to access this useful feature.

For more information, see How to Add a Batch of Pages in the Product Builder.

Once you’ve finished adding custom pages, click the ‘Looks Great!! Next’ button to continue.

Preview Screen

The final preview screen will then be displayed. Use this to make any last checks. 

If you need to go back and make changes, click the ‘X’ button in the top right at any time. 

To publish your digital product, press the large yellow ‘Approved!!’ button at the bottom.

A mockup of how to use the preview screen in the product builder.
The preview screen. Press the approve button to continue

After publishing, you can download the product on the next screen. 

You can then automatically create a website to promote your product.

A mockup screenshot of the screen shown after publishing a product in the page builder.
Your product is now published

To get the shareable links to your product, see the Guide to Getting Your Digital Product Link.

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