How to Edit Text in a Digital Product

Let’s look at how you would edit text in one of your digital products. It’s a process that’s not overly complicated at all.

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You will need to access the page editor to edit text in a digital product. This is step three in the product builder workflow.

How to Edit Text in a Digital Product 1 Arrow to 3_5
To edit any text in a digital product, you need to be in the page editor.

Click on any text, and your cursor will appear, allowing you to edit the text as you see fit.

You can also change the color of headlines to one of the options available, should you wish to. Please note, that you can only change the color if the headline is bold. It won’t change otherwise. So make sure you highlight the text.

You can do the same with page titles too, but only if you have bolded them first, so make sure you click the ‘B’ to do so. Then you are free to change the color to one of the selected options.

How to Edit Text in a Digital Product 2 Arrow to bold icon
If you are changing the color of the headline, it should be bolded first.

You can add hyperlinks to webpages by clicking on the insert hyperlink button. You can do this in headlines as well as the body of the text.

How to Edit Text in a Digital Product 3 Arrow to link icon
Click the link icon to insert a hyperlink into a page.

Any text in the headline text can be made bold, italicized, or underlined. In the body, you have the same options with the addition of strikeout text, too.

How to Edit Text in a Digital Product 4 Arrow to font styles
Text can be bolded, italicized, or struck through.

If you’d like to move paragraphs around, use the two arrows on the right-hand side of the toolbar.

How to Edit Text in a Digital Product 5 Arrow to up and down icons
Select a paragraph and click either up or down to move it to the position you want.

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