How to Choose a Product Mockup Design in Pagewheel

Pagewheel makes it easy to choose a product mockup. This is used as part of the marketing materials for your product. 

A graphic with "Choose a Product Mockup". Underneath is a picture of a hand pointing to a cellphone screen.

Accessing the Product Mockup Step

You can change product mockups in the second step of creating or editing a digital product.

To create a digital produce, open the Page-By-Page Product Builder.

A mockup of how to access the create product screen in Pagewheel.
Click to open the product builder

To modify an existing product, navigate to the digital product library.

Identify the product you wish to edit, click the three small dots in the upper-right corner, and choose the eye icon from the menu to access the product editor.

For more guidance, see How to Find an Existing Product.

A mockup of how to access the edit product screen.
Click the eye icon to open the product editor

The first edit product screen will appear. This is where you can adjust the colors and font styles

After you’re satisfied with your choices, click the “Looks GREAT!! Next” button to advance to the second screen.

For more information, see the Product Editor Guide

Choosing a Product Mockup

The second editing screen allows you to choose the product mockup.

The product mockup will be displayed on your offer page and used for images on your delivery page. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Add the Title and Subtitle: Input the title and subtitle of your product
  2. Choose the Mockup Type: Select between a book, clipboard, or tablet. Pick the mockup that best suits your product.
  3. Save Changes: Click the ‘Looks GREAT!! NEXT’ button to save and continue
A mockup of how to choose a cover for a digital product.
Choose a cover that suits your product

If you wish, you can also change the cover on this screen.

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